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South Dakota alcoholism and drug treatment centers:

Alcohol and/or drugs are devastating to the afflicted individual as well as those who love them.  Recovery may seem impossible, but it is just the opposite.  Realizing there is a problem is the first and most crucial step to recovering from drug and/or alcohol addiction.  South Dakota Treatment centers are ready to help.  Whether you suffer from alcoholism, drug addiction or have a duel diagnosis, help is only a phone call away.

This year alone, it is estimated that there will be 218 alcohol related deaths in South Dakota, 43 deaths due to drunk driving, and 43 deaths related to illicit drug use.  Those are the deaths, which do not include the nearly 1500 DUI’s that will be issued.  Alcoholism and drug dependency are serious issues not only to the individual, but to society.  South Dakota offers rehabilitation centers that can help you conquer your addiction.  Treatment centers in South Dakota have a high rate of success at many of their rehabilitation centers.  There are many different types of alcohol and drug treatments available including detox, outpatient counseling, short term and long term inpatient treatments.  There are drug replacement programs, as well as drug free programs.  The inclination to substitute one drug for another is well documented, so care is taken and treatments are established on a case by case basis.  Alcohol and drug intervention programs are also available, and can be initiated by loved ones of the alcoholic or drug abuser.  Enabling and or covering up is not the answer to your loved ones addiction.  Treatment facilities in South Dakota often have trained intervention specialists to help.

Many Drug addicts or alcoholics are in denial.  When and if they realize they have a problem, it often helps for family and friends to support them and even attend counseling with them.  If you are an individual with drug or alcohol addictions in South Dakota, or you have a loved one that is, seek help immediately.