Change in Texas Rehabilitation styles:

Texas has finally abandoned their military style approach to drug rehabilitation and alcohol reform.  For years, the state had incorporated a brow-beating, boot camp style of treatment.  Obviously, it did not work. The method that was far more successful rehabilitating criminals was not an effective method for treatment of alcohol and drug addiction issues.

Texas rehabilitation programs are now much more nurturing and therapeutic.  While part of the program goal is to help the individual take responsibility, this is done in a more therapeutic way.  Criminal behaviors may stem from alcoholism and drug addiction, but certainly not intentionally.  Any criminal behaviors that may be present cannot be dealt with until the addiction is under control.  Drug treatment programs and alcohol rehabs in Texas now incorporates an individualized plan of recovery for each person.  There are different techniques and styles used depending on each individual case.  Drug rehabilitation and alcohol recovery requires planning a strategy based on an individual’s background, level of dependency, and other factors.

Many times, an alcoholic will develop a secondary drug addiction.  This is called a dual diagnosis, and is also very treatable.  Finding the roots of the dependency and the emotional factors can lead to recovery from 1 addiction or several.  Both alcohol addictions and drug addictions are chemical (or physical) AND emotional dependencies.  Both must be treated for any program to be successful.

When you seek out help from a Texas drug and alcohol center, you begin a journey to a better you.  While it doesn’t happen overnight, you will see subtle and not so subtle changes occurring in your life.  This may not always be easy, but the reward is well worth the struggle.  Stop your alcohol addiction and/or your drug addiction by contacting a Texas rehabilitation center near you.